The Baby Who Went Straight To Heaven

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There once was a baby named Anna Grace… She had beautiful eyes and a pretty face…
Surely, she’d grow up to dance and sing… But instead she did a different thing…
When a baby dies, the grief felt is enormous for a parent. For the parent who already has other small children it is confusing and often difficult to comfort them also, as they themselves struggle to find the right words. This book will be helpful for such a time as this. It will help those children gain understanding and be comforted. It can also help other family members (who read it to them) open their heart to the One who ‘prepares a place’ in Heaven, for all who love Him.

Let a little one you know come on a journey of rhyme, be wrapped up in love and uplifted with hope as their hearts receive comfort following the loss of their loved one. Let the big bold hand-drawn pictures coloured with heartfelt compassion and care, bring peace and trust and aid their healing as they learn to draw close, to the One who loves them the most.

Meet the Author

Trish Harrop

Trish Harrop, renowned author of He is Faithful from A-Z is no stranger to suffering.  Her greatest loss was that of her little girl, Anna Grace, who was stillborn. The excitement in the hearts of her other four children soon turned to confusion and inconsolable grief following the death of their little baby sister. The youngest of the four, just a toddler, brought comfort to the family with his very real understanding of an undeniable truth – May this beautiful story of hope, inspired by the child-like faith of Anna’s young brother and illustrated with love by her big sister bring comfort to all the little ones (and their families too) who are grieving the loss of their loved one.
Trish, born in Fremantle, resides in in the beautiful Swan Valley of Western Australia

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